Soils and vegetation in the Lower Vistula Valley

Soils and vegetation in the Lower Vistula Valley. The Lower Vistula Valley is filled with inflow soils – a lot. The surrounding slopes are damaged moraines, where mainly brown and podzolic soils developed. The diversity of the lands and the relatively small amount of rainfall allowed for the emergence of various plant communities. The valley is natural, the original habitat of riparian forests, which mostly disappeared from the landscape after river regulating treatments. Their fragments with poplar, oak, elm, ash, willow, hazel and alder have been preserved and are under protection. Apart from breeding grounds, the bottom of the valley is covered with wild rose meadows, elderberry, nettles, reeds and grasses. On the slopes of the valley, there are communities of xerothermic vegetation with Stipa and Janus, spring love, Austrian linen and snowdrop snowflake.