The slave history of the Gold Coast

The slave history of the Gold Coast. Originally, there were Akan people in Ghana, which led a vigorous gold trade with areas of North Africa. For Europeans, "Gold Coast” was discovered by the Portuguese in 1471 r. From 1482 r. The first trading posts and forts guarding their security began to be built. Gold was traded, diamonds and ivory, and later slaves as well. The influence of whites was actually confined to the areas near the coast. In the interior of the country strong centers of local power developed. At the end of the 18th century. the state of Ashanti became dominant, whose capital was Kumasi. Soon, however, it had to recognize the suzerainty of the British crown. Britain won the war (1874-%) she did, that Ghana became its official protectorate, included in 1901 r. to the British colony of the Gold Coast. The British focused not only on trading gold and diamonds, but they also developed cocoa plantation, maize and sorghum.