The Danube divides Old and New Vienna

The Danube divides Old and New Vienna. The Danube flowing through Vienna divides it into two unequal parts. The old town and almost all monuments are on the south side of the river. The waters of the Danube run long, straight channel (Danube Canal), built in the years 1870-75, a 100 years later supplemented with the Neue Donau canal (New Danube). Long, the narrow strip of land between the two canals is the Donauinsel, recreational areas of the city. The knee of the river beyond the New Danube, that is, the remains of the old trough, Zwane Old Danube (Old Danube), connects Donaupark, beaches and water sports center. To the north and east of the Alte Donau there are residential areas. The Vienna International Center is located in the Donaupark (UNO-City) and various organizations, the European headquarters of the United Nations.