tentHolidays are under the belt! It's high time to look for a suitable tent. Such, which is easy to set up and is lightweight, and at the same time – spacious, solid and waterproof.

Modern tents most often have the shape of a dome or tunnel with a semicircular cross-section. Combinations of these basic types are also common (e.g.. a dome with a tunnel-shaped vestibule). Traditional tents are already rare, romantically called huts. The tents are also available in many sizes, which makes it easier to choose the right model, depending on this, how many people do we want to fit into it and – are we going to carry the tent in the trunk of the car during the trip?, by bicycle, whether to wear it on your back.

Motorized tourists are in a fairly comfortable situation. They don't have to take into account the weight and size of the luggage so much, like hikers or cyclists. So they can stock up on a villa tent. It is spacious and tall. Thanks to this it will fit
there are several people in it, and the campers have convenience, because they don't have to bend down all the time. Virtually all villa tents have such spacious vestibules, that we can conveniently place chairs and a folding table in them. When it's raining, you can play something there, listen to music, pitrasić… quite like that, like on the porch of a summer cottage.

Tents with several double bedrooms and one are perfect for family camping, common vestibule. Then parents and children can have separate bedrooms and – one "lounge" for everyone. Such a tent is also good for a group of several friends. The disadvantages of some villa tents are: quite high weight and large size after folding. The latter is especially important, if we have a small car with a small trunk.