Bulgaria holidays

Bulgarian summer has long been advertised, divided into two-week stays and sold by travel agencies of many countries via "Bałkantourist”. Climatic and landscape values, as well as a well-developed tourist base make, that the Black Sea "Riviera” new believers keep coming. Undoubtedly, Polish tourists are the best acclimatized in this part of the coast. We have been going here for a long time. And it all started with Druzhba - the oldest, because it was put into use in 1948 r. seaside resort, in which, next to the Czechs, we were the first foreign guests.

Lively, Densely scattered along the Black Sea coast, the spas offer holidaymakers a great-world luxury, and the huge machine of entertainment devoted to their services is designed to show them a beautiful and effective Bulgaria, as in the color postcard “Słyntschew Briag by night”. Looking at this special edition” Bulgaria, which the hosts prepare in the best faith for the guests' use, after all, we have often wondered, or at least in part it allows for the creation of a proper image of this country and its customs? What is the average participant in an event organized by "Orbis", "The cluster” or "Sports-Tourist” can tell about Bulgarian cuisine, If during the entire stay he is served dishes from the so-called. European, that is, completely devoid of the character of the menu?

For some time now, the arrangement of the menu by tour guides and restaurant staff has started to be in a good tone, to carefully avoid typical Bulgarian eating habits in favor of express tea, omelettes, mayonnaise salads and breaded pork chops. Fortunately, the programs of most events organized by travel agencies include the so-called. picnics, which make it possible to meet the national cuisine of this country with all these, who did not have enough time or foreign currency to independently penetrate Bulgarian gastronomy.

Hot to white, the hot Bulgarian rain did not go out until the end of September. The first days of October begin with a long, warm autumn - the time of misty mornings, quick dusk and gentle sun of beautiful lizards. Bulgarian golden autumn, the so-called. gypsy summer, has many amateurs, no wonder either, that the tourist season is getting longer here. Throughout October, and often lizards in November, groups of tourists - mostly Germans and Swedes - come to the Black Sea coast, who flee from the chill of northern autumn. The sea here remains high almost until the end of November, and the sand of quiet beaches, now guarded by motionless groups of albatrosses, it is still very warm. Who had the opportunity to visit Bulgaria at least once during this period, he will remember the charms of this season for a long time - with its cloudless sky, calm sea, with a rust-colored background of beech forests and vineyards bending under the weight of golden clusters. There are many such autumn impressions in advertising folders, whose creators are well aware of the photogenicity of the harvesting time.