Sunny Malta

maltaThere are many more beautiful and greener islands, but small, rocky, honey and gold, Without trees and rivers, Malta has some extraordinary power. Perhaps it is the monuments that make such a great impression on the visitors. After all, some of them are older than the Egyptian pyramids. So, so, it is on this little island (just 27 km in a straight line) there are remains of the oldest stone temples in the world, many millennia already. But apart from great monuments, you can also find wonders of nature. In the 'Cave of Darkness” (Ghar Dalam) for example, the prehistoric remains of a mini-elephant have been discovered, an animal no bigger than a dog, that occurred in that area 170 thousand. years ago. Into a slightly less distant past, away from us "barely” 5 thousand. years, goes back to the underground hypogeum, a place of ancient worship and training of priestesses. Wandering through the capital of the country, a city with a sonorous name La Valetta, it's like going back to the eighteenth century. Into an even longer dream of the "sleeping beauty” Mdina seems engrossed, the former capital of the country. Located on a small hill, it allows you to look down on the entire island and is a kind of open-air museum, an open-air museum full of Arab buildings, medieval defensive walls and knight-monks' palaces. The silence is broken from time to time by the hooves of horse cabins.

When fishermen return from the sea to the port of Marsalok on Sunday morning in their colorful boats, there is a lot of traffic at the fish market. Before we go to one of the many beautiful rocky coves, it is worth trying to buy something from fresh seafood.

Be aware when using the Maltese roads, that there is left-hand traffic here. A car can be rented, you can also use the local communication, Old English buses remain the most attractive vehicle to this day, still remembering colonial times. It is hardly surprising in this situation, that the drivers driving them, every now and then they make the sign of the cross, although they pray as often, to their local saints.

Two things remain the main attraction for a tourist visiting Malta for years: beaches and sun.