Pre-Caucasus and Transcaucasia, jezioro sewan

Pre-Caucasus and Transcaucasia, jezioro sewan. North of the Greater Caucasus is the Pre-Caucasus. Its highest element is the Stawropolska Upland. This land of overwhelming heights 300-600 m n.p.m. (maximum 831 m n.p.m.) it is heavily varied with hills and cut by the systems of river valleys. Towards the east, it changes into the Groźnieńska Plain and the Caspian Lowland, and to the west – in the Cuban Plain and the Zadoński Step. On the south side of the Greater Caucasus is Transcaucasia. This extensive lowering is made up of numerous smaller ones, among which stand out the Kolchidzka Lowlands in the west and the Kurańska Lowlands and the Lenkoran Lowlands in the east. The entire mountain region of the Caucasus is closed from the south by the ranges of the Lesser Caucasus, whose highest peak is Giamysz (3724 m n.p.m.). Here at height 1900 m is the largest lake of the Caucasus – Sewan, about the area 1240 km2.