Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium – Toruń

Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium – Toruń.

For centuries, the city of Toruń has been associated with the world-famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.
The great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Toruń. The city decided to take advantage of its astronomical fame and opened the Planetarium in Toruń.
It was the most ideal place in Poland to build this type of facility.
The famous Planetarium was built in 1994 year. Of course, to this day, in the course of all these years, the Planetarium in Toruń has significantly developed and improved its program. Today, the presentation of its shows has been developed and perfected to the global level. Thousands of people are delighted with fantastic screenings that take place in the Planetarium in Toruń. Numerous school trips also take place here. During your stay in the planetarium, you can see wonderful multimedia shows showing some of the phenomena that take place in space. Very good quality equipment that has the planetarium allows you to experience a great adventure. Through your senses, you can get the impression that you are really present in the cosmos. Therefore, it is definitely worth coming here. We invite you.

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