Peru – Inca kingdom


The condor happens – who doesn't know this romantic song about the king of the Andes – condor, circling majestically over the mountains between the world of men and gods. A great bird, its wingspan reaches six meters, he is, in fact, the true ruler of the Andes air skies and a symbol of that area. For many centuries, people considered him a messenger of messages from the gods. Currently, it is rare to observe the flight of a condor over the mountains. Royal birds are extremely rare today and have become a true legend of the mountains.

The golden kingdom of the Incas is also a legend, existing five hundred years ago. W 1552 year, the Spanish adventurers led by the cruel Francisco Pizarro ruthlessly ravaged the Andean country, the third largest on the South American continent, and barbarously destroyed his great culture. Nobody remembered the destroyed kingdom for the next several hundred years, until v 1911 year, Machu Picchu was discovered – one of the most powerful cities of the Inca empire, the existence of which, fortunately, the Spanish robbers did not learn. The remnants of the old culture were so impressive, that attracted a huge mass of curious tourists to Peru. W 1994 roku przybyło ich do tego kraju aż pół miliona. Wycieczka po Peru jest dla każdego przybysza m niezapomnianym przeżyciem. The images are moving, like in a kaleidoscope. In carefully guarded museums, you can admire the masterpieces of Inca goldsmithing with bated breath, in the streets of the cities, the beautiful architecture of Spanish colonists, in the provinces we watch Indians dressed in colorful, Traditional outfits, while traveling, fascinating landscapes – inaccessible mountain peaks, impenetrable jungle and endless deserts. Is estimated, it is difficult to determine exactly, that in Lima – capital of Peru – lives over 9 million inhabitants.
The attractions for tourists in the city are not only museums and the old town, but also many, romantic restaurants and eateries, where you can relax and have a good time. Another city, which cannot be missed on the route of the trip is Cuzco, the former capital of Peru. 1700 km from Lima is best overcome by plane. You have to be prepared for landing with adventures, because Cuzco is at a height 3400 m npm. From here, a narrow-gauge train leaves for Machu Picchu twice a day. At the last station, tourists change to buses, which climb farther to the top with narrow ones, serpentynamic trees. The hardships of the journey are finally compensated by the fascinating landscape of the city shrouded in clouds.