Paris on the Seine

ParisThe capitol of France, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Thanks to the recently developing dynamically cheap air connections, it can be a great destination for trips for an extended weekend. Even during a short stay in Paris, it is worth seeing a few unique places.

Through the city center, the Seine flows in an east-west bend. On a natural island – Cite – the spiritual and political center of France arose centuries ago. Here are the seats of the oldest religious and secular institutions – Notre Dame cathedral and royal palace.

Today it is impossible to imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower, but in the moment, when, on the centenary of the Great French Revolution, 1889 year was opened, the number of her followers was equal to the number of fierce enemies, and its designer was called an engine builder with grotesque merchant imaginations. Nobody remembers about the enemies of the Eiffel Tower today, and there is a widespread belief in its beauty and magnificent proportions.

Paris loves provocation. In years 80. XX w. a metal-and-glass pyramid stood in front of the Louvre in Napoleon's courtyard. For many Parisians it was a shock: The structure has nothing to do with its surroundings! However, over time, even staunch opponents of the pyramid admitted, that, surrounded by traditional buildings, it has charm due to its simplicity and, visible at night, thoughtful illumination. And she gained full right to citizenship thanks to Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code and the film made according to it.

Paris also had to create its Manhattan. La Defense aspires to this name - the district was also created during the presidency of Francois Mitterrand on the western extension of the axis delineated by the Champs Elysees. In this modern building made of concrete, glass and steel attracts attention to La Grande Arche – a great arch of height 112 m. This structure is exactly at the distance 6 km in front of the Arc de Triomphe, and was built with thought 0 celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Great French Revolution.

Disneyland in French
Going to Paris with young children, it is worth spending one day visiting Disneyland. Modeled after the American amusement park is located 25 km east of Paris. The RER can be reached quickly from Chatelet-Les Halles station. Special connections were also organized from Paris airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly. There are several fairy-tale lands in the park: Frontierland (The Borderland), Adventureland (Adventure Land), Fantasyland (Fantasy land) i Discoverland (The Land of Discoveries). You can travel between the lands by steam train.