The new history of the Austrian capital

The new history of the Austrian capital. W 2 half. XIX w. the medieval ramparts around the inner city were demolished and the Ringestrasse ring road was built in their place – currently the most important in the city. After World War I and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, 12 XI 1918 r. the foundation of the Republic of Austria was announced with Vienna as its capital. Subsequent changes took place in 1938 r., when the city was occupied by German troops and incorporated into the Third Reich. 6IV 1945 r. Soviet troops entered Vienna, but they only won it 13 IV. 14The fourth provisional government proclaimed the independence of Austria, and on April 27, the formation of the Second Republic of Austria was announced. The country was divided into four zones of occupation, and Vienna, just like Berlin, on 4 UK subordinate sectors, France, The United States and the USSR. By state treaty signed 15 V 1955 r. sovereignty was restored in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.