Near Rusinowa Polana

ruthenian-gladeNorth of the Tatra massifs of Wołoszyn and Koszysta, between Łysa Polana and Dolina Sucha Woda, extensive spruce forests stretch. These forests, not visited very often by tourists, they are a mainstay of wild game.

From exposed places (Glade Rusinowa and the top of Gęsia Szyja) there are wonderful views of the High Tatras and the Belianske Tatras. Relict pines grow on Skałka Filipczańska. In the forest called Wiktorówki, on the slope above the Golden Valley, there is a church in the Podhale style, dedicated to Our Lady of Jaworzyna. The temple commemorates the revelation, which the young highlander Marysia Murzańska experienced in this place in the last century.

He is a frequent guest at Wiktorówki, as a priest and bishop, Karol Wojtyła used to visit.