Sniardwy lake – Masurian sea

sniffingOn the west side, the lake is surrounded by the Piska Forest. The shore is inaccessible there, but very beautiful. In the southern part of Śniardwy, two picturesque ones are worth seeing, uninhabited islands: Spider and Devil's Ostrów. The first is flat, overgrown with deciduous forest, the second is a hill overgrown with old pine trees. There are plenty of wild bathing areas along the lake shore.
You can go on a trip around Śniardwy on the ship of Żegluga Mazurska, e.g.. from Mikołajki. This charming town is situated between two lakes: Tałty and Mikołajski, which is connected with Śniardwy. Tourist life is concentrated in the Sailing Village – there are water equipment rentals on its premises, harbor, shops, shelter, bars. In the evening, most sailors head to taverns – Marina, At Broken Pagoda and Lady Mary, and shanties resound throughout the Sailing Village. If you can feel the atmosphere of the port anywhere in Poland, it's right there. Lake Łukajno is connected with Śniardwy. The most numerous colony of mute swans in Poland lives in the reserve established there.

To rent a sailboat, you must have a sailor's license. Enough, if one of the crew has such a document.

Fans of fast vehicles can rent a jet ski. price for 10 min 60-80 PLN.