Mamry Lake – northern border of Masuria

mamryOn this lake, similarly to Śniardwy, there is no bigger town. On the other hand, there is quite a lot of traffic on the lake. Its surface is crossed by the bows of many yachts and cruise ships. The large island of Upalty is located in the eastern part of the lake. Two hundred years ago, the wife of the Prussian aristocrat Lehndorff established a French-style garden on it. Today only magnificent oaks remain, beeches and poplars, and the island was turned into a landscape park.

Mamry is usually the last lake on the Masurian sailors' route. The shore surrounded by forests and a wide strip of reeds only seldom separates, to let them go ashore. That is why most of the yachts take a north-east course to the Węgorapa River and enter Węgorzewo. Usually, boaters also plan a longer stop there, and the whole town is playing with them. In the very center of Węgorzewo there is a Teutonic castle. Now, when it is plastered, from the outside it has lost all its historic character. Tourists visiting the town prefer to meet in the nearby Wolności Square. You can always eat delicious fish in the fry room on the corner. Concerts and festivals take place on the square almost every weekend.

In every major city in the Land of Great Lakes, you will find the Masurian Shipping harbor, which organizes boat trips for tourists.
On the campsite - depending on the standard you pay 3-12 PLN per person per night. We can easily find a safe at the lake, a specially designated place for a bonfire.