Karkonosze is the largest and highest mountain range in the Sudetes (formed during the formation of layered rocks), which are one of the oldest rock formations in Europe. The Karkonosze Mountains cover an area of ​​approx. 650km2 of which only 1/3 belongs to our country. They constitute a kind of natural border between our home country and the Czech Republic. In the western part, the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains is Wielki Szyszak (1509m npm), Śnieżka in the eastern part (1603m npm), which is also the highest peak in the Karkonosze Mountains. Among the highest peaks of the Karkonosze Mountains, except Śnieżka, which is the only one in the Sudetes that exceeds 1600 m in height, one should also mention Studnicni Hora (1554m npm), Lucni Hour (1547m npm), the aforementioned Wielki Szyszak and Smogonia (1489m npm). Among 21 the peaks of the Sudetes with an absolute height of over 1400 m, until 15 is the Karkonosze Mountains.
The eastern and western parts are separated from each other by the Karkonoska Pass (1198m npm). On the west side, the Szklarska Pass divides the Karkonosze Mountains from the Jizera Mountains (886m npm), on the opposite side, Przełęcz Kowarska from Rudawy Janowickie.
The undoubted attractions of the Karkonosze landscape include spectacular rock formations (Pilgrims, sunflower, Bathing Rocks, Horseheads). There are also mountain ponds in Poland: Little Pond, Wielki Staw and small ponds in Śnieżne Kotły.
Waterfalls are also an undoubtedly well-known attraction: Szklarka and Kamieńczyk. It is worth noting that these are the two most famous, which doesn't mean, that it is the only one in this area.
The so-called. dead forests. Once an ordinary forest, but their faces were changed once and for all by pests (cornices) and hurricanes (e.g.. w 1966 year).
The Karkonosze Mountains are almost a tourist paradise. They attract with the beauty of their landscape, rich and varied vegetation, ease of access to mountain ridges, and rock formations, sources, mountain streams, waterfalls and a lot of mountain trails allowing you to reach most of the attractions of this mountain massif. Skiers cannot complain about the Karkonosze either, which offer numerous slopes, on which the slopes were created (mainly near Szklarska Poreba).
The main tourist centers of the Karkonosze are Karpacz and the above-mentioned Szklarska Poręba located at the foot of Szrenica (1362 m npm).
W 1959 year, the beauty of the Giant Mountains was appreciated. In the same year, in the area of ​​approx. 5000hectares the Karkonosze National Park was established.

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