Vistula tributaries

Vistula tributaries

Vistula and its tributaries

The Vistula begins its run at the junction of the Wisełka and Malinka streams, created from the merger of Czarna and Biała Wisełka.

The tributaries of the Vistula are listed in order from the beginning of the run, until it flows into the Baltic Sea – described as the right tributaries and the left tributaries of the Vistula.

The Vistula River. Tributaries:

Malinka – right inflow
Guests – right inflow
The dill – left tributary
Dziechcinka – left tributary
Partecznik – right inflow
Pinkasów Potok – right inflow
Jawornik – left tributary
Gahura – left tributary
Dobka – right inflow
Jaszowiec – right inflow
Dry – left tributary
June – left tributary
Guestradowiec – right inflow
Brennica – right inflow
Bładnica – left tributary
Pub – left tributary
Iłownica – right inflow
White – right inflow
Pszczynka – left tributary
Gostynia – left tributary
Przemsza – left tributary
Sole – right inflow
Chechło – left tributary
Skawa – right inflow
Skawinka (Harbutówka) – right inflow
Sanka – left tributary
Rudawa – left tributary
Wilga – right inflow
Prądnik – left tributary
Dłubnia – left tributary
Drwinka – right inflow
Use – right inflow
Szreniawa – left tributary
Uszwica – right inflow
Nidzica – left tributary
Kisielin – right inflow
Dunajec – right inflow
Nida – left tributary
Breń – right inflow
Black Staszowska
Wisłok – right inflow
Babulówka – right inflow
Koprzywianka – left tributary
Trześniówka – right inflow
Łęg – right inflow
San – right inflow
Opatówka – left tributary
Sanna – right inflow
Wyżnica – right inflow
Wrzelowianka – right inflow
Kamienna – left tributary
Krępianka – left tributary
Iłżanka – left tributary
Zvolenka – left tributary
Walker – right inflow
Plewka – left tributary
Grower – right inflow
Bystra – right inflow
Kurówka – right inflow
A click – left tributary
Hog – right inflow
Zagożdżonka – left tributary
Radomka – left tributary
Okrzejka – right inflow
Wilga – right inflow
Pilica – left tributary
The Black River – left tributary
Drill – right inflow
Lakes – left tributary
Narew – right inflow
Bzura – left tributary
Mołtawa – right inflow
Skrwa Lewa – left tributary
Skrwa – right inflow
Lylating – left tributary
Property – right inflow
Rainbow – left tributary
Taunting – right inflow
Struga Toruńska – right inflow
Upper Channel – right inflow
Hills – left tributary
Struga Niewieścińska
Wda – left tributary
Part – right inflow
Mątawa – left tributary
Wierzyca – left tributary
Nogat (estuary to the Vistula Lagoon) – right inflow
Vistula (formerly Leniwka – the former name of the western mouth of the Vistula, which begins its course behind the lock in Biała Góra, where the eastern outlet arm of the Nogat also begins)
The Młyński Channel – left tributary
Szkarpawa (estuary to the Vistula Lagoon) – right inflow

Final Run of the Vistula River – 3 estuary to the Bay of Gdańsk – The Baltic Sea:

1. Ditch of the Vistula River – artificial estuary of the Vistula into the Bay of Gdańsk, between Świbno and Mikoszewo.

2. Wisła Śmiała – one of the outlet arms of the Martwa Wisła in Gdańsk.

3. Dead Vistula – estuary in Gdańsk.

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