Hungary – expedition into the interior of the country

drive awayExpedition deep into the country of Hungary, 250 kilometers to the east in the center of the plateau stretches the Puszta. That country, flat like a table, it is not monotonous at all. We come across some old houses every step of the way, where storks have their nests on the roofs, and home wells deliver crystal clear, spring water. Our journey through the Puszta is also accompanied by huge herds of sheep, which are the true wealth of this land. The sun shines blindingly from a cloudless sky. A cloud appears on the horizon. It grows every moment. You can hear the sound of the horse's hoofs. A group of local, temperamental horse herdsmen come at a gallop.

Horses are part of the puszta landscape as are kangaroos of Austrialia. Hortobagy National Park has 2,3 thousand. km2 area and is a real paradise for lovers of equestrianism. In the village of Epona you can even rent a summer cottage with its own stable. After an eventful day, you can visit Czarda, a country inn, in the evening. The cauldron stew smells delicious, and cold tokaj is a great appetite suppressant.

The next destination of our trip is the largest bath in Europe - Lake Balaton. In summer, the water temperature in the lake reaches up to 27 ° C. And the whole area directly adjacent to the lake, it is one big solarium. Summer houses, will, amongst others, camping grounds and ascending hotel blocks. Despite this, it does not feel cramped. On the counting 197 kilometers of beach, surrounding the lake, there is enough space for everyone, even on a weekend.

Around the lake, as if many villages were spread out in the second row, where time seems to have stood still. Wells with manual reels as 100 years ago, so and today they provide the inhabitants with water. Old women all clothed in black conduct their long conversations. There is an undisturbed silence around.

And right next door, in the towns of Siófok or Balatonfured nearby, czardasz and rhythmic disco music coexist. Every Saturday, especially for tourists, a "country wedding" takes place here. Then the wine flows in streams, music plays, skirts swing, bride and groom sing folk songs. The mood is shared by everyone and the fun lasts until the morning.

The journey to Budapest by train takes approx 10 hours. If we travel individually, we can stay in a private villa at Lake Balaton in Siofok-Kiliti, located 4 km from the beach, in a quiet, quiet neighborhood. The rooms 2-, 3-personal, available kitchen with equipment, living-room, terrace, parking spaces on the property. Price for an 8-day stay without meals 68 USD per person, with board (lunch-dinner at the restaurant) 79 USD per person. If we live, for example. in the holiday village Zanka, in wooden houses 1-, or 2-person (maximum 5 people) we will pay for the night without meals 11 USD (person), with breakfast 14 USD (o-soba), breakfast and dinner 18 USD (person), breakfast, dinner and supper 23 USD (person).