Holland, the land of tulips

NetherlandsWide, rivers flowing lazily, coastal dunes and bays have their charm, but they are not the ones that attract millions of tourists to the Netherlands. The most interesting thing about this country's landscape is this, what man has done. Successive generations built canals and windmills, they turned swamps into fertile fields, on which tulips are grown. Cities were also built from the Middle Ages, which delight with the wealth of monuments.

The Dutch themselves believe, that the best time to travel in their country is spring, when the tulip fields are blooming. The multi-colored stripes can already be seen from the plane's window, which descends before landing at Schiphol airport.
The city of Lisse is only a dozen or so kilometers away, famous from Keukenhof, the most beautiful flower bulb park in the world. From mid-March to the end of May on 32 hectares are blooming with millions of crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, sapphires, tulips and lilies. The bulbs are planted like this, by the moment, when some species fade away, others were already developing. That's why Keukenhof changes every day, new colors appear, shapes and aromas of flowers. Gardening masters compose discounts, that they form a harmonious whole with the trees, lakes and canals.

This shows the importance of the garden for the Dutch, że jego otwarcia co roku w marcu dokonuje ktoś z rodziny panującej. Wędrując śladami tulipanów, it is worth visiting the nearby Leiden. A peaceful city full of canals and historic hofjes mansions, surrounding courtyards, is also from 400 years the seat of the famous university.

The first tulip bulbs in the Netherlands imported from Turkey were planted in the local botanical garden. Soon after, the fashion for these flowers caused a real rush on the stock markets. Bulbs of rare varieties were bought at a premium.

We can also see a typical Dutch landscape around Amsterdam, in the Zaanse Schans windmills open-air museum. And from there it is a step to pulsating with life Amsterdam, if we want to listen to music, one of the famous bands is definitely performing here. We will also see works by famous contemporary artists and former Dutch masters.