Holidays in a hotel abroad

hotelEverything is already taken care of in the passport pocket, visas, tickets. Before going on a dream vacation, it is worth knowing the rules, which govern the world of foreign resorts.

The standard of a hotel is determined by the number of stars or other symbols awarded to it. This system is not standardized and e.g.. The same number of stars does not always correspond to the same standard of hotels in different places around the world (in Arab countries it is usually overstated). That's why it happens, that travel agencies introduce their own markings.

Mostly a hotel:

★ jednogwiazdkowy – only offers a place to sleep. There is no furniture in the room except the bed. The shower is in the hallway, shared by several rooms. No meals are served in the hotel, it is remote from the beach.

★★ – two-star – the rooms are modestly equipped, but with a bathroom. There is a telephone in the room, and sometimes air conditioning. Towels (they are not always) and bed linen is changed once a week. There is often a swimming pool and a restaurant next to the hotel.

★★★ – three star – rooms apart from bathrooms, telephone and air conditioning sometimes have a tv. The hotel is close to the beach, there is a swimming pool next to the hotel. Bed linen and towels are changed several times a week.

★★★★ – four-star-rooms are comfortably equipped, with a minibar, fridge and TV. The hotel usually has its own beach, two swimming pools, restaurants, boutique, fitness club, courts. Towels and sheets are changed daily.

★★★★★ – five star – spacious rooms, luxuriously equipped. The hotel has a beach, several restaurants, bars and pools, sports facilities, fitness center.

Ali inclusive – a hotel with this service offers all meals and drinks as well as sports and cultural activities included in the price of the stay.

Hotel meals
In hotels, that serve meals, Breakfast is usually included in the room rate – most often in the form of the so-called. Swedish table. Food, drinks and tableware are displayed on the tables. We can eat and drink as much as we want, but only on the spot. For example, you are not allowed to make sandwiches to the beach or take fruit.
If the price of holidays includes dinners or suppers, let's remember, that we will pay extra for drinks with meals.

Hotel traps.

Calling from the hotel phone is much more expensive than from the post office or payphone. We can make a phone call to Poland at the cost of the interlocutor, using the TPSA Poland Direct service.
There are safes in the hotel room or at the reception. They are payable depending on the standard of the hotel (ok. 1 dollar for the day) or for free. It is a good idea to hide your documents in it, credit cards, when e.g.. we're going to the beach.

Sun loungers, beach baskets and umbrellas, which belong to the equipment of our hotel, are generally free. If we rent them on a public beach, we pay for the whole day - going to dinner, let's leave it on a deckchair, for example. towel, otherwise, the staff will consider, we already fired him.
Sports equipment can be rented at the hotel and at the beach. We will pay approx. 1 -1,5 USD for half a day, for skis, pedalo – 5-15 USD per hour.

The art of tipping

In restaurants, the tip is sometimes included in the bill, then it says "service included" or "service compris"; if not included, is 10-15 proc. Next to the Swedish buffet there is the so-called. tip box, where we can leave a tip. In the taxi if we negotiate the fare – we do not tip. In the hotel – we tip the porter; daily cleaners in Arab countries.