hamburgWho thinks, that the night city of Hamburg glows with neon lights and lights only in the ambiguously famous entertainment district of St.. Pauli, is wrong. At the end of the year, all the shops are lit with a twinkling light, hotele, much of over 2 thousand bridges, as well as dozens of places, where the stalls of Christmas markets are located.

Their tradition dates back to the former capital of the Hanseatic League at the beginning of the 17th century. She revived fairs for good 30 years ago, the local afternoon snack Hamburger Abendsblatt, who organized the sale of Christmas accessories in front of the church of St.. Peter.

Since then, the trade celebration with the Christmas Eve in the coat of arms spread throughout the city. The most important market still takes place at the church of St.. Peter. However, other churches and almost all districts also have their own markets. A colorful market takes place in the square in front of the city center which dominates, richly decorated town hall. Among the stalls, filled with Christmas balls, colorful chains, specialties of the local cuisine, as well as Christmas presents already packed in eye-catching boxes, shoppers are walking. Early dusk makes, that already after three in the afternoon the stalls shine in the light of small and larger lamps, as well as lit Christmas tree candles. The cheerful music of street musicians mixes with the sounds of romantic Christmas carols. silent Night, Holy Night… – flows from the speakers.

The Hamburgers, despite the pre-Christmas shopping fever, find time for a little trip to the Alster. Located in the center, the largest city lake in Europe turns white in summer from the sails of yachts and attracts windsurfing enthusiasts., in winter it is full of sledge enthusiasts, ski and ice walks. In summer, it is swarming with sailing boats, in winter, Lake Alster becomes one giant ice rink.

We should not deny ourselves to see the port part of the city. Not far from Altona, in the district of Ovelgone, there is an unusual harbor for old freighters. Many of these ships can be entered and, walking on their decks, imagine, what life was like in the port before a hundred, two hundred years.

Who gets bored with the buzz and wants more sophisticated entertainment, can listen to music at concerts, which take place particularly frequently in churches during the Advent season celebrated in Hamburg. The Cathedral of St.. Michael. The interior of this imposing Protestant temple, whose baroque towers have become the symbol of the city, it has great acoustics – it is thanks to her that the sounds of Bach's masters' music, Mozart, as well as the Brahms who used to create in Hamburg sound almost mystical here.
Christmas markets attract crowds every year.