Goats – the largest village in Poland

goat-quarryThe largest village in terms of the population of Poland is Kozy - numbering approx 13 000 residents.

Weekend trips to the Beskids for the inhabitants of Silesia are already a tradition. Usually tourists go around famous, beaten paths. Sometimes, however, it is worth deviating from the usual paths, to get to know interesting places and places, which are not lacking in the Beskids.

Kozy is a town located next to the capital of Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała. The main place for excursions and walks is Hrobacza Łąka, a slope overlooking the village on the northern side. At its top, there is a 35-meter-high steel cross, being a thanksgiving votive offering for God's protection over the inhabitants. You can get to Hrobacza Łąka by both marked paths, and along well-trodden paths. The yellow trail leads there from the railway station in Kozy and the black trail from the MPK stop, running through the old quarry to the pass "U Panienki". There is a stone tablet of Our Lady of 1884 r. From here, we can reach the summit along the yellow and red trails. 300 meters from the pass "U Panienki" we come across the "Maryjne" spring. After approx. 2 hours we reach the top. The viewing platform located next to the cross offers a view of Bielsko-Biała, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Oświęcim and Kozy. There is a small chalet on the south side. It is worth going through the beech forest towards the west. This way we will reach the clearing, from which there is a view of the Soła valley, Międzybrodzkie Lake and the surrounding peaks, m.in. to the famous Żar Mountain. We can return to Kosy the same road or go down the red trail to Porąbka through the Zasolnica reserve and return by bus or on foot along the blue trail. It is also worth taking a stroll along the paths leading to the site of the former sandstone quarry, created before the First World War, to indulge in a moment of relaxation and rest in silence on wooden benches. This area offers not only a wonderful view of Kozy and its surroundings, but the area is particularly interesting in terms of nature. Rocky slopes, numerous birch trees, mountain pine, Streams and a beautiful pond create unforgettable moments for the visitor of this special corner.