Folk culture centers

Traditional folk culture centers. The traditions of folk culture are very rich and varied. There are numerous ethnic groups throughout the country, which have developed a separate culture, manners, language (folk dialect), based on historical traditions. The tourist attractiveness of traditional folk culture mainly lies in the possibility of getting to know old costumes, songs, music and customs not found in other regions. Many traditions of folk culture have survived to this day, it is cultivated in annual festivals. Original construction for domestic and foreign tourists, rituals and folklore are all the more a magnet, that they occur less and less even in rural centers and small towns. There are a number of centers of traditional folk culture in Poland. The essential ethnic types existed as separate tribal groupings, continued throughout the existence of the Polish state. According to ethnographers, there are eight major ethnic groups: Lesser Poland, Silesians, Greater Poland, Kujawiacy, Łęczycanie, Sieradzanie, Masurians and Pomeranians.