Folk construction

You can meet the monuments of folk architecture in open-air museums organized for this purpose - ethnographic parks - showing the culture of a certain region in natural conditions, that is open-air museums. In Poland, the most important open-air museums are:. in. in Sanok - the Museum of Folk Architecture, Zubrzyca Górna - an open-air museum of Orava architecture, Olsztynek - an open-air museum of construction in Warmia and Mazury, Nowogród - an open-air museum of Kurpie architecture, Wdzydze Kiszewskich - open-air museum of Kashubian architecture, Istebna - Beskidzka Chamber of Creative, in Kluki - an open-air museum of Slovinian architecture, Krakow - open-air museum in Wola Justowska, Zalipiu (near Dąbrowa Tarnowska) - Creative Chamber, Zakopane | Tatra Museum, Łowicz - open-air museum at the Ethnographic Museum, Złakowie Borowym (near Łowicz) - Lowicz People's Chamber, Incense (near Ostrołęka) - Kurpie People's Chamber.