dolomitesNorthern Italy, where the Dolomite range stretches, is one of the most beautiful in the country. Both the adventure-seeking mountain rover will have a great time here, as well as an amateur of a quick tan. During the spring and summer seasons, the Dolomites are crowded with groups of rockers and students hiking with backpacks from shelter to shelter. Golf courses, swimming pools and stables also attract tourists who do not like mountain trips to these areas. Winter, slopes equipped with numerous ski lifts, are a real paradise for skiers. In many places, there are even special ski trails for children.

When planning longer mountain trips, it is worth knowing, that the parts of the routes marked with crosses on the map are vie ferrate or iron roads. They are insured with steel ropes, sections of trails with hooks and ladders, to reach inaccessible places. When going on the iron road, you should take the climbing harnesses with you, belts and safety carabiners. Local travel agencies also offer other attractions, trips to Venice, Innsbruck, Munich, Werony (for opera performances) or the highest peak
lodowiec Marmoladę.
The local population feels like Tyroleans, cultivating the native German language and traditions. It's hard to find a real Italian meal here. Sausages, stew and sauerkraut are the basis of regional cuisine. Also desserts – fruit strudels and sweet tarts, reveal the German origin of the menu.
The best way to go to the Dolomites is by car through Germany and Austria. Tourists most often choose to enter Italy via the Brenner Pass, it saves many kilometers of driving steep mountain serpentines.
The second cheapest form of accommodation in the Dolomites, after a shelter, are apartments.