The diversity of climatic conditions in the Caucasus

The diversity of climatic conditions in the Caucasus. The climatic conditions of the Caucasus are diversified in all possible directions: East West, North South, as well as vertically. The mountains lie on the border of two climatic zones: temperate and subtropics. Precaucise is characterized by a warm temperate climate with continental characteristics. It is hot and dry in summer, the average temperature in July is 21 ° C. Winters are relatively cool (-2°C). This huge latitudinal mountain range is a barrier to the cool air masses from the north, which results in the subtropical climate of the Caucasus. Western part, which is heavily influenced by the air masses flowing in from the Black Sea, receives a significant amount of rainfall (do 3000 mm per year) additionally intensified by the orography of the area. The farther east, the amount of rainfall decreases. In the eastern part of Transcaucasia, receiving approx 200-300 mm of precipitation, there is a dry subtropical climate, except the Lenkoran Plain in the south-east with a humid subtropical climate. High-mountain areas have a specific type of climate.