Firewalls – interesting objects

Interesting objects are also numerous dams and artificial water reservoirs, like for example. in Rożnów, Goczałkowice, Koronowie, Solinie, Zegrze near Włocławek, Sulejowa, testimony to the modern idea of ​​taming nature for the needs of the economy. The created artificial lagoons are attractive tourist and recreational areas. List of objects, peculiarities, There are many interesting facts worth visiting. In every region, locality, interesting objects can be found on the trails. The role of the organizer - the travel agency - is this, to popularize them, to share, make them easier to visit and get to know, and thus enrich the news about the country, its achievements and socio-economic and cultural changes. Organizing visits to these facilities is the essence of modern tourist service and the content of the activities of social organizations. Service activities in this area give the opportunity to achieve additional benefits for the national economy.