Budapest – Hungary

BudapestThere is no sea here, palm, not even some decent mountain, yet this small country is considered one of the tourist attractions of Europe and is eagerly visited, especially in summer. Whoever went to Puszta or Lake Balaton at least once, will be going back there.

Let's start with Budapest. It is best to leave your car in the parking lot and explore this one 2,5 metropolis of millions by bus or on foot. Easy and unhurried. Let's go e.g.. to the Gellert Hill. From the hill we can admire the panorama of the city with a view of the parliament, the Danube flowing lazily and the Pest district on the other side of the river.

If we want a cup of coffee, that's great, because in Hungary every time of the day is good for a little black dress. A place worth recommending is "Gerbeaud" - a real temple of culinary delights, located near Vaci Street, where they serve the world's best cakes and delicious cookies.

There are always loads of people here, the district is known for its many shops and boutiques, where you can always see something interesting. Young people especially like to shop here. That's why dark girls and slim boys charm with their beauty. But there are also ordinary crooks and scammers, so you'd better not have any business here, and under no circumstances should you exchange money with various suspicious types.

Those who come to Budapest must visit the Royal Castle, fishermen's bastion, he should also go to Margaret Island to one of the hot baths and of course to the famous halls. Here under the glass roof, through which the light of day seeps out, numerous stands are bending under the heaps of various vegetables, fruit, intricately arranged poultry compositions, fish and sausages in 1000 genres. Of course, the ubiquitous color reigns over all of this, tasty pepper.

When we feel hungry, we can join one of the 3 thousands of restaurants that operate in this city. If we do not count with money, we can afford dinner in a luxurious restaurant ,,Wild rose ”. Cheaper but no less tasty dishes are offered by the Jewish "Carmel", or "Sipos Halaszkert" you can enjoy delicious freshwater fish dishes. However, no matter what, did we choose fish soup, cauldron stew, kosher goose liver pate or pancakes stuffed with nuts and covered with chocolate, We can be sure of one thing - Gypsies will accompany us everywhere with their inseparable violins, and then, of course, egeszegedre - bless you - life is beautiful!