Boston city of history

One of the most important places in Boston is the Old School Meeting House, from where in December 1773 r. the expedition against British tea ships set off. The collected documents provide an overview of the history of the famous Boston tea rebellion, speeches and presented events from that period. Boston Harbor, place of rebellion, was turned into the Tea Party Ship and Museum, that is, a museum ship moored to the quay, attracting tourists from all over the world. The events are shown here extremely realistically, and dressed in costumes from the 18th century. guides show, how 16 CAR 1773 r. the colonists threw overboard 342 chests of tea. The city's political history is reminiscent of the Old State House, in which the government of the British colony once sat. The fact adds weight to this place, that it was here that the American Revolution began and ended – first encounter, that is, the Boston Massacre, took place in front of the government building, hence also 4 VII 1776 r. residents heard the United States' Declaration of Independence for the first time. Currently, state officials are sitting in modern buildings, the skyscrapers of the City Hall Government Center and the JFK Federal Building, forming a complex overwhelming the surrounding buildings of old Boston. The story is also recalled by the house offered to the city in 1742 r. przez Petera Faneuila -Faneuil House, called the cradle of the revolution, which performed a double function – meeting places and the market hall. Currently, this entire area is occupied by Quincy Market with a market, dozens of restaurants and boutiques. An important place in the city is Copley Sąuare, where a huge variety of architectural styles can be found in a small area, from the neo-Romanesque Church of the Holy Trinity, neo-renaissance library, neo-gothic New Old South Church, po supernowoczesny John Hancock Tower. One of the most important streets in Boston deserves special attention, Freedom Trail, where most of the significant buildings are located. Valuable monuments from the 17th and 19th centuries. there are public utility buildings, such as the State House, which stores the leftovers of tea from the sumped shipment in the Boston port, stock exchange building, Bostońska Biblioteka Publiczna. Od początków istnienia Boston był ważnym ośrodkiem naukowym. Currently, numerous universities attract young people from all over the country. The prestige and high level of learning make it, that the education gained here is one of the best, what can be obtained, not only in the United States. The most famous university, founded in 1636 r. Harvard University, oldest university in the United States. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology also gained world fame, which was created in 1861 r. The existence of excellent institutions attracts and makes outstanding people to the city, że jest ono znane na całym świecie jako ważny ośrodek naukowy. Wśród wielu zasługujących na odwiedzenie miejsc wokół miasta szczególną uwagę zwraca Cambridge, founded by John Winthrop around the same time, co Boston. Harvard University located here, Radcliffe College, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many other important institutions contributed to fame for the entire region as a center of learning. Lowell, due to the operation of many textile factories, it was once called the city of the spindle. The collapse of the industry after World War I brought him notoriety, when they were inhabited mainly by the unemployed. The redevelopment took place only half a century later, with the advent of new industries, that helped turn Lowell into a National Stories Site, historic area, where you can get acquainted not only with the nineteenth-century city, but also with an important piece of US industrial history. Less than located 20 km north of downtown Boston, the town of Salem is one of the oldest settlements in the country. Founded in 1626 r., it gained fame after a series of witch trials in 1692 r. Hundreds of people were imprisoned and twenty women were executed. Salem is visited by many tourists, and the grim story has been graphically depicted in the Witch Museum, that is, the Witches Museum.