Benelux – small but beautiful

amsterdamIdyllic landscapes with windmills and canals, great buildings in old towns, rich collections of art museums.
In the Netherlands, even flat, shaped by man, the landscape is full of charm. Green meadow, field of flowers, windmills, rivers and canals form a harmonious whole. You can find nooks and crannies as from old paintings in quiet Delft, where sixteenth-century tenement houses reflect in the water.

The mood of Amsterdam is different, which is bustling with life around the clock. This great city has been attracting foreigners from all over the world for centuries. Bands from the Caribbean give concerts on Leidesplein until dawn, Latin America and Indonesia. On the sewers, among historic tenement houses and palaces, cruise ships sail. Tourists admire a great collection of paintings in the Rijkmuseum, and sketches and graphics – at Rembrandt's house.

Belgium's most popular hiking trail connects Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. At the end of the Middle Ages, these were the richest merchant cities in Europe. The heart of the Belgian capital is Granda Place. Around the square there are baroque houses soaring up into the sky with countless turrets. The wealth of ornamental attics, gilded statues, medallions, of coats of arms resembles theatrical decorations. The town hall tower dominates the square 91 m.

In the south of Belgium and in the Duchy of Luxembourg are dense forests and the rocky hills of the Ardennes. Tourist attraction of the city of Luxembourg, located on the picturesque gorge of the Alzette River, there are historic defensive structures.