Basins of the South Urals

Basins of the South Urals. The South Ural consists of numerous ranges separated by deep valleys. South of the Bieła river, the area is lowering. The Ural Mountains expand and take the character of a slightly undulating highland of medium heights 500-600 m n.p.m. Compared to other regions, the climate is the warmest and relatively dry. In summer, temperatures often exceed 20 ° C, while in winter they range from -5 do -10°C. Depending on the exposure of the slopes, the vegetation varies considerably. On the western side, in the lower parts there is a mixed and deciduous forest with small-leaved linden, English oak, birch and aspen. There are forest steps in the south and east, varied with small patches of birch and lime forests, and steppes (with osteon and wormwood). The South Ural was a natural habitat for gophers, hamsters, mice, quail, snakes, lizards and many species of butterflies.