Baghdad Minaret


The Souk alGhazl minaret rises in the vicinity of Baghdad bazaars. It is a fragment of the destroyed village 1258 r. the mosque of the Caliphs. Currently, you can admire the building, which was reconstructed on the basis of the plans. City bazaars are primarily networks of narrow streets with numerous stalls, in which you can buy, among others. carpets and rugs, fruit, consumer goods and jewelery.


On the west bank of the Tigris, the remains of the city's heyday include, among others. one of the four city gates. In this part of Baghdad, there is also Zubajda's mausoleum (early. XIII w.), the famous wife of Caliph Harun al-Rashid. A few kilometers north of the center, you can admire the Al-Ka-zimijja mosque, one of the most important temples of the Islamic world. Two domes and four minarets rising high above the courtyard are covered with gold. The mosque was built at the end of the 8th century., and at the beginning of the 16th century. rebuilt. Temple, which is also called the Golden Mosque, was established at the burial site of two imams. Its interior is extremely interesting, but only available to the followers of Islam. An interesting place in Baghdad is the Iraqi Museum. This largest Middle East museum is located in the Kerkh district. It fits in it 28 gallery, and the oldest collections are from before 100 000 years. The bazaars are the remains of the old city (suki).


W 1990 r. following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the UN Security Council imposed a trade embargo on the country. At the beginning 1991 r. US-led anti-piracy forces joined Operation Desert Storm”. The bombing of Baghdad was very controversial, m,in. due to numerous unique monuments. However, there were many raids on the city in the end. The damage was significant, but almost everything has been rebuilt, even though there was an embargo on trade with Iraq for eight years. During this time, life in Baghdad has become expensive and burdensome – there were power and water cuts every day, the incidence of typhus and stomach diseases has increased. From the beginning of the years 80. Due to the conflicts in this part of the world, the number of tourists coming to Baghdad was very small. Recently, however, more and more people visit this extremely interesting city.