atlantaIt has always been the city of Scarlett O'Hary, coca-cola and Martin Luther King. Summer of the year 1996 there is one more distinguishing feature – Summer Olympic Games 1996.
As a result, many sports facilities have been built in Atlanta at the cost of billions of dollars. The largest of them, Olympic Stadium, calculated on 85 thousand seats, 19 July was the scene of the grand opening ceremony of the Games. More than 500 dancers, a fireworks show and a parade of teams 197 countries created a spectacle, which we will all remember for a long time.

Atlanta's climate is hot and very humid. The temperature in July usually exceeds 30 °C. If you add the natural warmth of a city of more than 2.5 million and the amplifying effect of hot moisture, you should reckon with the feeling of 50-degree heat. In the open stadiums, giant fans were installed, spraying droplets of water vapor into the air. During the rehearsals, the horses were especially delighted with this, which instead of jumping over obstacles in an equestrian competition, they tried to stay in the water mist as long as possible.

When we venture to other parts of the city, we can cool down a bit near the Underground Atlanta complex, a large underground city built on the site of the first buildings of white settlers from the mid-nineteenth century. The maze of cobbled streets lit by gas lanterns with shops and dozens of charming pubs opens onto a spacious square, one of the attractions of which is the Coca-Cola World.

Streams of this cold drink spurt out from the fountain installed there and everyone can drink at will.

For Negro Americans, Atlanta's place of pilgrimage is the former black district of Sweet Auburn. They are here: today the family home of Martin Luther King and the Ebenezer Baptist Church converted into a museum, where the leader of the race for racial equality was a pastor.
There, who would like to find traces in Atlanta “gone With the Wind”, they may be disappointed. There is not much left of the atmosphere of the southern planters. Only the governor's palace resembles the beautiful Tara a bit.