Szczytno area

proudSzczytno, described by Henryk Sienkiewicz as the seat of dangerous monk-knights, it was indeed a frontier Teutonic stronghold. After defeating the Prussian tribes inhabiting these areas, the Teutonic Knights in 1260 r. they started building the castle. Six years later, the gothic stronghold was already finished. A small settlement called Bartna Strona grew up around it, and then the town.

Fragments of Gothic fortifications have survived to our times in Szczytno. There are two temples here – Evangelical and Catholic. The Masurian Museum exhibits historical memorabilia related to the vicinity of Szczytno and ethnographic collections. Wonderful forests with fine pine trees extend around the city, spruces and oaks. The largest lakes in these parts are: Sasek Wielki, Sasek Mały, Wałpusz and Sędańskie.