Słowińskie Coast – Forgotten villages

Forgotten villages

The Słowiński Coast region is sparsely populated. There are several fishing ports located in estuary stretches of rivers: Łeba on the Łeba river, Ustka by Słupia, Darłowo on the Wieprza river. There are numerous sea bathing areas. Most of the villages around Łeba have not changed much since the last war. Mainly fodder crops are grown, rye, potatoes, oats and rapeseed. Cattle and pigs are raised. The food industry has developed in the region, electromechanical, leather and wood. One of the largest towns is Łeba. Most of its buildings were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The oldest building is the ruins of the Church of St.. Nicholas. It is worth visiting the fishing church of 1683 r. richly equipped. The gem is the castle from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries., in which the hotel "Neptun”. A group of fishing buildings from the mid-19th century is also interesting. One of the most interesting monuments of the coast is the church in Gardna Wielka, built in 1282 r. in the Romanesque style and rebuilt in the mid-nineteenth century. In Smołdzino, it is also worth seeing the church and the nature and forest museum. Another attraction is the open-air museum in the village of Kluki, where the indigenous peoples of these lands lived the longest in isolation from the world.


Darłowo, on the other hand, is an old Slovinian settlement, which developed in the 15th and 16th centuries. thanks to trade with Scandinavia and Germany. There is a castle of Pomeranian dukes with 2. pol. XIV w., remains of town fortifications from the 14th and 18th centuries, church from the 14th century, church of st. George from the 15th century. and the chapel of St.. Gertrude from the 15th century. It is worth seeing the buildings of the Old Town from the 17th and 19th centuries,town hall from the 18th century. and the lighthouse with 1885 r. Another larger town is Ustka, which was originally a small fishing village under the authority of Słupsk. Od XIX w. there has been a development as a bathing beach and port. It is also a health resort with brine peloid.