York Peninsula of north-eastern Australian continent

York Peninsula of north-eastern Australian continent. Półwysep Jork leży w północno-wschodniej części kontynentu australijskiego, between the Coral Sea to the east and the Gulf of Carpentaria to the west. It has the shape of a triangle narrowing to the north, ending with Cape York – the northernmost tip of Australia. Counting 74 km long and 150-240 The Strait of Torres is kilometers wide, separating it from New Guinea. The peninsula is an area geologically and morphologically diversified. Its eastern part is occupied by gradually lowering towards the north, high on 600-1600 m n.p.m. the log cabin Mountains, being the northern part of the Great Wododział Mountains chain. Their culmination is the Bartle Frere peak at the base of the peninsula (1612 m n.p.m.).