Middle and North Urals

Middle and North Urals. Mount Oslanka (59°08’N) marks the border of the Northern Urals. It is rounded, flat mounts, over which single peaks dominate. Rock debris is common on the slopes, and in summer the temperature rises to 20 ° C, in winter it can be as low as –15 ° C. In bleaching, fir-spruce taiga grows in acidic and humus-poor soils, with pine, Siberian larch and limba. The low ridges of the Middle Urals stretch to the Ufa River, with rocky mounts, wide and often marshy river valleys. Climate, except in warmer summer, it is similar to the North Urals. This part of the mountains is also covered with taiga, but there is no pine tree here. Elk live in the dense forests of the North and Middle Urals, alone, wolves, kuny, lemmings and squirrels. Birds constitute a large group, m.in.: capercaillies, hazel grouses, crossbills, eagles, thrushes and wild ducks.