Lubusz Land

The Lubuskie Region is centrally located in Europe, because it lies in the middle of the European Lowlands and the European narrowing on the axis Szczecin - Trieste. All communication routes from west to east, as well as one of the main routes from north to south towards the Moravian Gate, run through this region.
Northern part, between the Warta River and the Oder River, is part of the Wielkopolska-Kujawski Lake District, the southern part - from the Oder to the Szprotawa - is occupied by the South-Wielkopolska Lowland. The rich sculpture of the Lubuskie Region is the result of the work of the glacier. Routes of moraine hills, undulating plateaus, cut with ravines and hollows, they enrich the kilometers of flat ice valleys of rivers.

The moraine hills are formed by three lines: south, middle and north. In the fork of the Warta and Noteć and on the left bank of the Warta, west of Skwierzyna, there is the largest area of ​​inland dunes in Poland. Rivers form a complex network (connected by channels), in which Nysa Łużycka, The Odra with the Bóbr and Obrzyca and the Obra with the Warta are its main links. Ribbon lakes (the largest lake of Sławskie - 874 ha) they complement this water system, which creates favorable conditions for water tourism.