Kvarner Bay

Kvarner Bay stretches 100 km south of Rijeka. Many islands extended in the meridional direction are the peaks of the Dinaric Alps, which are submerged in the sea, which run along the coast south as far as Albania. Krk, Cres and Pag are among the largest Croatian islands.

The island of Krk is currently connected to the mainland by a bridge. The historic island of Rab is much more difficult to reach, the pearl of the Kvarner Bay, but with a little effort you can make a stop there on your way south. Rijeka, a bustling commercial port and transport hub at the northern end of the bay, has good road and rail connections with Italy and Austria. Railway line from Rijeka to Budapest, built in 1845 r., allowed Austro-Hungarians direct access to the sea. Crowds of tourists also flock to the vicinity of Opatija, where the Habsburgs and the Polish magnates used to rest.

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