Krakow, the former capital of Poland

krakowKrakow is the legendary mounds of Krak and his daughter Wanda, Wawel, Dragon's Den, Planty, Sukiennice and the bugle call of St. Mary. In autumn, the Krak's City is as beautiful as it is at any other time of the year. Maybe a little sleepier, although tourists are never short of here. So it's worth it – before the Planty and the Market Square are covered with snow – spend the weekend and visit the former capital of Poland with the family.

It is impossible to see all interesting places in Krakow during one trip. After all, it's close here 6 thousand. sights, several theaters (including the famous Stary Theater. Helena Modrzejewska) and cabarets.

Most often, a walk around the city begins with the medieval defensive walls and the Barbican. Centuries ago, it was here that the historic royal route, called the Royal Route by the inhabitants, began – from the Main Square through Grodzka and Kanonicza Streets to Wawel. Kanonicza is the oldest street in Krakow. The Długosz House still stands here – tenement house from the 15th century, in which the chronicler lived and wrote his "History of Poland". The Stanisław Wyspiański Museum is also worth visiting.

The most visited street of the old castle is Floriańska. Here, in one of the tenement houses, there is the famous cafe of Jan Michalik. At the beginning of the century, the first literary cabaret, "Zielony Balonik", operated there., with whom Tadeusz Boy was associated – Żeleński. The name came from here, that the admission ticket was just a green balloon. To this day, the cafe has retained the atmosphere of Young Poland. Its walls are covered with paintings and caricatures, there are plenty of puppets from Krakow's nativity scenes. During the autumn walk around Krakow, it is impossible to miss the Market Square with the Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Church. Old houses, The bugle call played every hour from the church tower and the famous Krakow florists – create a unique atmosphere. From the square, you can walk along Grodzka and Kanonicza Streets to the Wawel Castle.
To visit the Royal Castle and the Cathedral, in which Polish rulers were crowned for centuries, you have to spend at least one day. It is also worth taking a look at the legendary Dragon's Lair. The story goes on, that a dragon lived here, deceitfully killed by King Krak.