Kiribati Archipelago

kiribatiAlong the agreed time limit there is an archipelago with the exotic name of Kiribati. Only here can we welcome the New Year twice.

The Republic of Kiribati with an area 810 km kw. form the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands, Line islands and Banaba island.
The capital city is Baikiri on the Gilbert Islands. Population: 75 thousand.
The highest elevation of Kiribati: 3 m n.p.m.
Language: kiribati and english.

Try to find islands in the Pacific Ocean on the globe. In relation to Poland, the archipelagos with exotic names are almost exactly on the other side of the globe. Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati and many, many others look like colorful blots on the vastness of the ocean from above. Some breakouts are bigger, inhabited, some are so tiny, that there is only a single palm tree on them.

There is a conventional date line between these islands. And it means it, that there will be more on one island at the same time 31 of December, and on another, będą strzelały już korki z butelek szampana 1 January.
Who will board a plane on the Gilbert Islands and fly to nearby, Phoenix Islands, also belonging to the Kiribati archipelago, will have a chance to welcome the New Year twice. According to seasoned tourists, communing with nature Kiribati has a unique charm.