Population of Ghana – the highest natural increase in Africa

Population of Ghana – the highest natural increase in Africa. Ghana's society is characterized by rapid population growth. The natural increase is as high as 3,1% and is one of the highest in Africa. At the same time, the death rate is low. This forced the government to limit the number of births. The people of Ghana are relatively well educated and are illiterate compared to other countries in the region 40% population above 15 years should be considered low. Until 65% Ghanaians live in the countryside. Ghana is a country that is quite ethnically diverse. The dominant ethnic group are the Akan peoples, the original inhabitants of these lands. Protestants are a significant part of the population, and also Catholics, animists and muslims. Culture and art are closely related to religion; motives drawn from animism are interestingly reflected in them. Metal figurines are characteristic and eagerly bought by tourists products of local handicrafts, pottery, multi-colored fabrics and musical instruments, among which various types of drums are in the lead. As in most countries of Black Africa, masks are popular, richly inlaid and covered with colored enamel.